Guard is a strong player in the green energy and biofuel sector. We have supplied control systems for some of Norway's biggest biogas facilities, including the Greve plant in Grenland, which produces biogas to power the local bus fleet. Our systems are also in use at Klemetsrud, Norway's largest waste-to-energy plant, which is involved in a government-sponsored carbon capture project along with Norcem and Yara.
As a customer-focused company, our goal is to help our customers be productive and competitive. Our industrial solutions help customers stay in control of processing and production. We apply our automation expertise to make sure our customers receive the necessary information from their processing systems to carry out preventive maintenance. A high degree of automation is essential if our customers are to stay competitive.

Guard has an excellent reputation as a supplier to the industrial sector. Our focus is on achieving stable, efficient production systems that help industry compete. Our system integration expertise enables us to create turnkey solutions that span the value chain and enhance our customers' ability to deliver.

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