Collect, analyze and visualize data from virtually any source.

Guard Cloud

Enabling well-informed decisions

Guard Cloud is a market-leading platform that contains everything from data exchange and analysis to control and monitoring. With our intuitive no-code interface, you can easily set up plug-and-play integrations to gather any internal and external information that affects your processes.

This forms a sound basis for advanced data analyses and deeper insight through transparent control panels, which enable you to make more informed decisions that will increase your operational productivity and efficiency.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a demo on how Guard Cloud can integrate across all your IT, OT and IoT ecosystems to create valuable insights through a common user interface for both monitoring and control.

Capturing the true value of Industry 4.0

Data sharing is essential to capture the true value of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Therefore, all our solutions are equipped with standardized and versatile APIs to facilitate secure and reliable data exchange across all conceivable platforms. And if you – for whatever reason – would like to migrate to another platform, we will of course ensure full portability of your data. Because, there is no doubt that your data should belong to you.

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See for yourself

Take a look at our introductory video of Guard Cloud below to get an overview of some the platform’s value propositions:

How do we do it?

As an independent supplier of automation and system integration through more than 40 years, we are well aware of the industry pain points. As the matter of fact, that is our expertise. Operational technology has traditionally never been designed to exchange data across the internet – of obvious reasons.

However, as the information society has evolved, industrial data exchange has become key to keep up with competition. With our secure mechanisms for data exchange, we are able to safely extract valuable information regardless of how outdated your assets have become, and combine these data with a wide variety of external data sources made readily available for your consumption. This approach will minimize your initial investment and maximize the output of your digitalization journey. Or, put differently: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Below you can see an overview of how our data hub interconnects everything of your interest:

Open, yet secure.

In addition to reaching all cloud-based services from Guard through a common user interface with secure login and availability from anywhere, third-party web applications and even on-prem desktop applications can also be implemented in the same environment. This creates a fully integrated and holistic system adapted to all modern browsers on PCs as well as mobile and tablet devices. As with everything else we do, it is simply open, scalable and secure.

Moreover, user authentication includes the possibility of two-factor authentication and single sing-on with third-party identity providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

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