Effective control for underground heating of artificial turf

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Perfect conditions in all weather

Field Smart is an energy-saving and cloud-based service that continuously calculates the optimal power output for the underground heating of artificial turf. The calculation is based on the exact location, current and future weather conditions as well as a digital twin of the facility’s thermodynamic properties. The solution can be integrated with existing automation systems and other operational control systems.

With the help of schedules and predictive operation, Field Smart ensures ideal pitch conditions in cold periods, energy-efficient operation, reduced peak loads and significant time savings for operating personnel. The operational data is visualized in an intuitive dashboard that’s compatible with mobile devices.

Value propositions

   > Market-leading energy efficiency
          > Takes into account both current and future weather conditions
          > Automatic adjustment to the facility’s thermodynamics

   > Significant reduction of peak loads

   > Multifunctional
          > Frost protection, scheduling and regulation of surface temperature

   > Minimal installation and maintenance costs
          > No local instrumentation
          > Maintenance-free system

   > Simple integration, independent of heating system supplier

What is included?

   > Encased control unit with operating panel for local operation

   > Analysis of the facility’s thermodynamic properties
          > The system supports multiple zones at the same location

   > Pre-prepared internet connections and output signal for the heating system
          > Ethernet-based communication protocols
          > 0-5/10V and 0/4-20mA output
          > Relay outputs

   > Interface for integration with other operational control systems

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