Sensorless and predictive snowmelt system

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Guard Street Smart is a completely sensorless and predictive control system for your snowmelt application.

   > Market-leading energy efficiency
          > Takes into account both current and future weather conditions
          > Automatic adaptation to the system’s thermodynamics

   > Significant reduction of power peaks

   > Minimal cost related to installation and maintenance
          > No local instrumentation
          > Maintenance-free system

   > Easy integration independent of heating system supplier

How does it work?

Street Smart is a cloud-based service that estimates the most energy-efficient heating strategy for your snowmelt system. The calculation is based on the exact location, current, and future weather conditions as well as a digital twin of the system’s thermodynamic properties. Street Smart includes a local control unit that converts the recommendation from the cloud service into a signal accommodated to the relevant heating system.

What is included?

   > Encapsulated control unit with operator panel for local operation

   > Analysis of the system’s thermodynamic properties
          > The system supports multiple zones at the same location

   > Prepared connections for internet and signal to heating system
          > Ethernet-based communication protocols
          > 0-5/10V and 0/4-20mA output
          > Relay outputs

   > Prepared for integration with other operation control systems


Using its predictive and intelligent approach, Street Smart contributes to at least 73% energy savings compared to conventional control systems and at least 20% lower energy consumption compared to the market’s most advanced and comprehensive alternatives

Reduction of power peaks

Consumers who are charged with a power tariff to the network provider will experience a significant reduction in this fee. By preheating the system to the optimal temperature and maintaining it as needed due to changes in the weather, Street Smart reduces the power peaks by up to 70% compared with advanced controls that include weather stations and ground sensors.
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