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Guard Cyber Security is a collection of products and services that look after the network and information security for Operational Technology (OT) – in other words, technology that controls physical processes. Such technology is generally connected to a complex infrastructure with many different attack vectors. Therefore, the risk profile of such systems tend to differ significantly from Information Technology (IT).

As a result of the different needs that are placed on OT and IT systems, respectively, the respective requirements for information security are also very different. This is also supported by the recent developments in hacker attacks targeted specifically towards operational technology.

Guard is an independent supplier of automation and system integration with expertise from most industrial technology platforms and communication solutions, as well as OT security. This puts us in a unique position to look after the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of your industrial data.

Popular products and services

Guard offers a wide range of products and services for increased network and information security adapted to the user’s digital maturity. If there are no specific risk assessments or vulnerability analyses for the company’s OT security, then we can assist with this mapping. However, if you already have a conscious relationship to exposed attack vectors, then we can assist with continuous protection and monitoring through our around the clock staffed Security Operations Center, or other specific measures such as upgrading software, hardware and communication solutions.

Vulnerability analysis for OT security
   > Structured interview of relevant staff
   > Qualitative assessment of OT infrastructure
   > Vulnerability report with recommended measures

Guard Endpoint Protection
   > Tailored OT protection of servers and clients
   > 24/7 monitoring in Guard Security Operations Center
   > Detects and logs or blocks behavioural deviations
   > Protection against malware, such as cryptovirology, etc.
   > USB control and securing of SCADA files
   > Notification and implementation of measures in the event of abnormal activity

Other solutions
   > Guard VPN for secure remote connection
   > Guard APN for logically separated mobile data traffic
   > Guard Cloud for secure operation in the cloud
   > Redundancy, backup, hardening, patching, segmenting, etc.

The Purdue Model

The Purdue model is a recognised framework that establishes a principal difference between IT and OT. Guard is certified according to ISO 27001 and trained in ISA/IEC 62443. This model always forms the basis for our robust network architectures that takes care of your OT security. This is essential work so that industrial plants are able to benefit from operating models of the future that combine Cloud and Edge Computing.
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