Water and environment

As a system integrator specialising in automation, we deliver projects spanning the entire cycle from drinking water supply to wastewater treatment to bioenergy.
Guard supplies operational control systems to over 130 local authorities in Norway with over 4,000 pumping stations, 150 water treatment plants and 400 wastewater treatment plants. Systems from Guard control the water supply to more than a million residents in Oslo, Bærum and the Drammen region. Our high level of expertise and our custom-designed operational control systems are equal to the most complex challenges faced by our customers. Other customers for our solutions include Norway's largest biogas and waste incineration plant, where wastewater and sludge are used to generate power. We work hard to be the best in the water and energy field by using the best and the latest technology.

Our system integration expertise enables us to create turnkey solutions spanning the value chain. Our highly experienced staff work closely with customers to tackle their challenges and boost their ability to deliver. In partnership with our customers, we develop future-proof solutions and build long-term working relationships with the energy sector.

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System integration

Machinery control

Water treatment

Treatment plants

Pumping stations

Valve chambers

Meter chambers


Weather stations

Data loggers

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Operational control and HMI

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Operation and maintenance systems

Reporting systems

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Digital mapping

Data logging

Data centres

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Network solutions

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